Century Knitting Factory--Jinhua Knitting Factory

Century Knitting Factory--Jinhua Knitting Factory


In Shanxi Jinzhong, there is a century-old factory-Jinhua Knitting Factory that has experienced glory. The factory was founded in 1919 by Xu Yiqing and others. It was officially put into production in 1924 and was renamed Yuci Jinhua Spinning Factory.

As soon as you enter the park, you can see the Jinhua 1919 Museum, which displays many knitting machines from the past. In the exhibition hall, there are photos of the glorious history of Jinhua Knitting Factory.


In the long historical process, Jinhua Knitting Factory has experienced difficulties and ushered in glory. In 1957, Jinhua Knitting Factory exceeded the first five-year plan target ahead of schedule. The total output value of the five-year plan reached 320,343 yuan, which was 102.7% of the plan.

Beginning in 1968, Jinhua Knitting Factory has also suffered a period of confusion in production management and a period of substantial decline in production. By 1978, Jinhua Knitting Factory expanded its enterprise autonomy, carried out technological innovation, updated equipment, and added new products such as polyester semi-offline, polyester cotton muslin, and polyester cotton yarn card.


Jinhua Knitting Factory entered its heyday in the 1980s and 1990s and became the largest knitting enterprise in Shanxi and even in North China. The knitting factory has the first branch, the second branch, the carpet factory, the printing and dyeing factory and the four branches, as well as Jinhua Kindergarten, Jinhua Primary School, Jinhua Technical School, Jinhua Middle School, Jinhua Hospital, Jinhua News Agency, Jinhua China Television and so on. It can be seen that the scale of Jinhua Knitting Factory at that time was huge. In 1994, the products were sold to more than ten countries including Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Germany.


It can be said that the 1980s and 1990s was the most glorious time for Jinhua Knitting Factory. However, with the changes in the country's overall economic system, Jinhua Knitting Factory, which has experienced a hundred years of ups and downs, was overwhelmed due to various reasons, and its production and operations went from bad to worse. It declared bankruptcy in 2006.


In November 2011, the former site of Jinhua Knitting Factory was identified as a modern industrial heritage. In order to better inherit the "Jinhua Spirit", in 2016, Jinzhong City and Tianjin Venture Capital Corporation officially launched the Jinhua Knitting Factory Site Protection and Utilization Project "Jinhua 1919", rejuvenating the old factory .

On the day I went, I saw that a factory building next to the Jinhua 1919 Museum was under construction. There may be other businesses coming in next. In the next few factories, a training institution has already moved in. Most of the factory building opposite has become a restaurant.

Today's Jinhua 1919 combines the cultural elements of the old factory. In addition to the old factory building and the Jinhua 1919 Museum, there are also comprehensive venues integrating catering, entertainment, and training. It has become a good place for people to entertain and relax.


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