HALO innovation leads sweater manufacturers to automate digital printing

HALO innovation leads sweater manufacturers to automate digital printing

A new round of technological storm hits, HALO innovation leads the innovation of knitwear automation

In the second half of the 18th century, Britain started the industrial revolution with technological innovation in the cotton knitwear industry and became the world's first industrialized country. Inventions and creations can be applied to production practice, thanks to those entrepreneurs who are brave in exploring, familiar with the market, and good at management. In China today, entrepreneurs engaged in the knitwear industry are still at the forefront of technology, tirelessly carrying out energetic explorations. The momentum of the knitwear smart factory is obviously getting stronger and stronger, and technological innovation has become the foundation of the company's life. Let us walk into today's knitwear industry in China.


HALO sets sail in automation mode to create an intelligent unmanned workshop

Speaking of the spinning workshop of a knitwear factory, what we think of is always the roar of the machine and the spinning of the cake. The female knitwear worker shuttles back and forth between rows of machines to change the spindles and connect the silk. In order to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, keep up The industry’s new round of restructuring steps to continue to maintain corporate competitiveness and brand influence, HALO set sail to create an intelligent unmanned workshop, artificial intelligence rushed into the workshop factory, the scene of seeing the machine without people has become a reality.

HALO Group’s advanced intelligent unmanned workshop greatly improves labor productivity, realizes "full production automation", "intelligent control system", and "online monitoring information". The production process maintains a high degree of continuity, which not only greatly reduces manual contact with wires Through the integration of automation, informatization, and Internet of Things, HALO has helped knitwear companies complete the transition from traditional management mode to intelligent and refined management mode, and the overall production efficiency has been greatly improved. Semi-finished products Inventory is greatly reduced; energy-saving management realizes a substantial reduction in energy costs.

HALO has gradually developed into an international-level cross-regional knitwear automation enterprise group. Apply new inventions and advanced technology to production, and adopt advanced management concepts to maximize benefits. As a representative of China's knitwear automation and high-end knitwear automation, I believe HALO will have more in the field of knitwear automation and intelligent manufacturing Great breakthrough and development.



HALO efficient automation, boosting industrial innovation and upgrading

As a leading enterprise in the domestic polyester fiber manufacturing industry, Company A Co., Ltd. has ranked first in the industry for its production capacity and output for many years. In 2017, it was officially announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as a single champion enterprise in the manufacturing industry. In the field of polyester filament manufacturing, Company A has always been the world's largest manufacturer in terms of production capacity, output and sales.

Entering the production workshop of Company A, the powerful doffing machine system processes tens of thousands of cakes every day, which is the core equipment of the workshop. As its supplier, HALO not only reduces labor intensity and labor costs, but also improves product quality. Company A's competitiveness in the knitwear industry is greatly enhanced, high-quality development is achieved, and overall industrial upgrading is promoted, thereby stabilizing the single champion of the manufacturing throne.

HALO takes "high technology, quality first" as its corporate tenet, stands out in the fierce market competition, and has won the affirmation of the society and the trust of customers. With solid technology and continuous innovation, it will help knitwear manufacturing enterprises achieve efficient, economical and flexible unmanned production.



HALO exquisite warehouse, large capacity

The China Chemical Fiber Industry Association released the 2018 China chemical fiber industry output rankings, the company A's comprehensive ranking of China's chemical fiber output in 2018, and 2018 China polyester civilian filament (excluding DTY), polyester POY, chip-spun polyester civilian filament, etc. Ranked first in the four rankings, continuing to maintain its leading position in the industry.

With such an amazing output, what is the warehouse of company A like?

HALO Group has introduced a complete intelligent overhead silk cake conveying system, which compactly stores the silk cakes on the silk car, and transports the silk cakes from the overhead trolley to the automated packaging system. Through the intelligent warehouse management system, automatic judgment and sorting, many kinds of silk cakes are ordered out and in the warehouse, making full use of the warehouse height, effectively saving warehouse space, even if it is an amazing output, HALO intelligent warehouse management system is also The products can be sorted and stored reasonably, which makes A company even more powerful.


What’s more worth mentioning is that HALO adopted the latest patented solution in the second phase of A company Hengbang to realize fully automatic intelligent production. With continuous innovation and development, HALO adopted the German industry 4.0 specification industrial control system in the fourth phase of A company Hengbang. The production process of the workshop can be monitored anytime and anywhere through the mobile App. This new system technology has also been widely praised by people in the industry. At the same time, HALO's latest technology, the fully automatic external inspection system for silk cakes, is now in operation in major European and American chemical fiber factories. This technology will gradually be applied to the domestic market in the next few years.

HALO-In order to provide customized production lines and perfect after-sales service for Chinese customers, HALO Ningbo branch was established in 2017. It is now a leading enterprise in the domestic automation industry as well as an international knitwear automation manufacturer, with thousands of The company provides fiber automatic doffing, sorting, storage, palletizing and packaging technology solutions and is widely praised. In terms of production, HALO Group has many branches at home and abroad; in terms of technology, the core technology comes from many European design institutes under HALO Group, and an elite design team of more than 50 people can provide comprehensive automation technical support.


The arrival of unmanned supermarkets will allow the big data industry to continue to explode! In the future, machines, factories, home appliances, automobiles, banks, and even houses will all have data access. Not getting data is as terrible as not getting electricity today. In the future, the knitwear industry will face an unprecedented impact of technological intelligence!

Intelligent manufacturing is an important measure to promote the strategy of China's manufacturing power. HALO works with strategic partners such as the machine intelligence service network to focus on improving quality and efficiency with the concept of "technology, fashion, and green". In the future, there will be more and more Intelligent manufacturing scenarios have been introduced by China's knitwear companies and even all walks of life, and HALO will always lead the digital transformation and intelligent development of China's knitting machine industry, and make strides towards a new journey of "becoming a global fiber automation flagship enterprise"!