Greater Bay Area Knitwear Manufacturers' Fair Ends Perfectly

Greater Bay Area Knitwear Manufacturers' Fair Ends Perfectly

Ignite new thinking in the industry


On July 17, the three-day inaugural Greater Bay Area International Knitwear Manufacturers Enterprise Expo (referred to as "PH Value Shenzhen") ended successfully in Hall 10 of Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center! Leading upstream and downstream enterprises and research institutes in the knitting industry , Bring new technologies, new products, new applications including sweaters/sweaters/cashmere sweaters, underwear/homewear, T-shirts/sportswear, etc. to the industry, show the industry the most advantageous materials, technologies, Design and services provide innovative thinking guidance for industry breakthroughs and changes.

Set sail again

Deploy new markets in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

HALO, which has taken root in Shanghai since the first session, has always been based in Shanghai, radiating the city clusters of the Yangtze River Delta, including 26 cities in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui, with the Yangtze River Economic Belt as the center of gravity and facing the national market.

In 2019, the "Outline of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Development Plan" was officially issued, a city composed of two special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau and Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Zhongshan, Dongguan, Huizhou, Jiangmen, and Zhaoqing nine cities in Guangdong Province The cluster has become an important space carrier for the country to build a world-class city cluster and participate in global competition.

Responding to the national call and adapting to the changing market situation after the epidemic, PH Value moved to Shenzhen and set sail again to deploy a new market in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, which undoubtedly injected new energy into the PH Value accumulated over 14 years.

Shenzhen, which has always been a special economic zone in China, a national economic center city, and an international city, has continuously strengthened fashion development over the years and created a business card for the Shenzhen fashion capital, striving to become an emerging global fashion after New York, London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo Home court. From the original design power with Shenzhen temperament, from clothing accessories, production and processing enterprises to brand merchants, as well as high-end technological materials and technology promotion...Shenzhen fashion industry is growing with strong power, and Shenzhen is also using its unique aesthetic Changing the fashion landscape.

The collision of HALO with Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area is not only reflected in the layout planning of the macro market, but also in the product category, there is also a high degree of fit.

At this exhibition, "China's famous underwear town"-Xiaolan, Zhongshan, Guangdong, brought together small towns such as Baoluiyi, Indiana, and Hai's apparel and other high-quality enterprises to show the industry, allowing the industry to see the production and design of Xiaolan's underwear town 1. Strength in research and development.


In addition, the “local warfare” of local enterprises such as Dalang Xiangtou Maozhi Street, Dongguan Olizhi, Guangdong Hongtai, Tianzhu Alliance, Zhongshan Huimian, etc. The richness of categories, technological leadership and fashion design, as well as the huge market of the knitwear manufacturer enterprise industry in the Greater Bay Area, are full of confidence and expectation!

Coordinated development

Integrate the industry's "Industry, Research and Research" full resources

In addition to the exhibitors of knitwear manufacturers in the upstream and downstream of the knitted underwear industry, they also joined the exhibition area of scientific research institutes composed of Wuyi University, Zhejiang University of Technology, South China University of Technology and CKRC.

Opening up the entire industry chain and integrating all resources have become the focus of the development of all walks of life, and the knitting industry is no exception. Collaborative cooperation and win-win development, whether for large leading enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, are breakthrough self-bottlenecks, transformation and upgrading Recipe.

As a professional exhibition in the knitting industry, PH Value has been committed to providing enterprises with a space and platform for all-round display, business docking, and information exchange. It is also constantly using the advantages of the platform and integrating multiple resources to provide exhibitors and exhibitors, exhibitors and professional visitors. New thinking and new direction for future development!

PH Value integrates the full resources of "production, research and research" to break through the barriers between the college and enterprises and industries, so that the college can quickly import talents and technologies into the industry and inject new forces in R&D and design. It aims to further promote the cross-border knitting industry with comprehensive development Innovation, breakthrough and breakthrough, transformation and upgrading.

The highly elastic and intelligent conductive wire that can be applied to smart clothing brought by Wuyi University is different from the traditional "up and down movement" to "horizontal movement" needle-punching machine which can save 30% energy. Although it is still in the laboratory stage, it is a textile Apparel companies provide future ideas for product upgrades and cost optimization. The ready-to-wear works brought by the students in the knitting graduation class also let us see the strength of the college in spinning, ready-made weaving, and apparel design, laying a solid foundation for enterprises to export design talents.

Wuyi University

The fashion research and development center HX DESIGN STUDIO, founded by Professor Hu Xun of the School of Fashion of Zhejiang University of Technology, also provides new options and possibilities for the fashion process of the clothing industry. As Ren Jing, the design director of the product research and development center of Hu Xun Studio of Zhejiang University of Technology, said: "We have a deeper and more professional study of Chinese culture. Although it will be slower in commercialization than commercial brands, slow work and careful work, We hope to continuously explore the non-legacy culture and Chinese culture, and then use silk as a carrier to internalize the culture into our design and make small but beautiful, small and refined products, so that more people can feel the Chinese culture. , The beauty of non-legacy culture, thus serving the purpose of inheriting and promoting culture."

In addition to bringing the latest knitting trend handbook for autumn and winter 2021 developed by CKRC, the scientific research institutes formed by CKRC also brought new fabric products from spring and summer of 21 to the scene.


"At present, the knitting technology can make the sweater flat knitting machine basically replace woven and chiffon. Like this jacquard-like double-layer fabric can also be ultra-fine and ultra-thin. Knitting is not only very rough in our impression It can also be delicate, and its high-level sense and texture are also very strong, so the market share of knitting has been expanding." Liang Yong, director of the weaving research and development center of Jiangsu Jinlong Technology Co., Ltd., the site leader, said in an interview, " In addition, we also brought environmentally friendly fabrics made of recycled and degradable polyester and acrylic fibers, and the mask I wear today is made of wormwood with antibacterial function that we have developed ourselves. This mask has been successfully industrialized And export to many countries. In my opinion, the more bad the market, the more attention should be paid to R&D."

Directional output

Create a "targeted" knitting all-round platform

PH Value gathers knitted garments and raw materials, including sweaters/sweaters/cashmere sweaters, underwear/homewear, T-shirts/sportswear, etc., to "direct output" high-quality knitted products and knitting for professional visitors and exhibitors on the same stage Trend information, give full play to the advantages of the exhibition platform.

The invitations from professional spectators such as franchisees, retail buyers, brand collection stores to well-known brands and popular online platforms have also brought more targeted business opportunities for knitwear manufacturers and exhibitors!

In addition, on the PH Value Talk on the afternoon of July 16th, the forum activity with the theme of "Development and Application of New Bacteriostatic and Antiviral Textile Materials" is a knitting material that is in urgent need of health, safety and comfort in the epidemic environment. Industry and consumer markets bring targeted content answers. In the Chinese market where natural fiber materials account for only 15%, bamboo fibers with natural green, healthy functions and cost-effective advantages are bound to become the new darling of the market.

PH Value builds a "targeted" all-round knitting platform, directional output of new materials, new technologies, new products, and new designs for the industry. At the same time, it gathers high-quality enterprises in the industry, establishes a striking target image, stimulates new thinking in the industry, finds new models of the industry, and taps New market opportunities.

The first Greater Bay Area International Knitwear Manufacturers Expo 2020 will come to a successful conclusion, and the road to the knitting industry will never end!

Let's meet again in Shanghai in autumn and September~