Knitting company (NCP) restarts after being awarded the competitiveness "enhancing agent"

Knitting company (NCP) restarts after being awarded the competitiveness "enhancing agent"

      Knitting factories faced the difficulties, invested in mask production across borders, and started the mass production mode of epidemic prevention materials; HALO clothing supported the production of masks through technological transformation, and its warp knitting machine after its upgrade can achieve a maximum of 120 ropes per machine; Foshan Knitting Manufacturers and a listed company are developing antibacterial and antiviral fabrics, which will be sold on major live broadcast platforms in the near future ... In Zhangcha Street, Chancheng District, Foshan City, many companies are struggling to find new opportunities in the crisis.

At the same time, the government is also acting. Since the start of the resumption of work on February 10, Zhangcha Street has set up a special "warm spring" work class and established a liaison system for key enterprises. 22 members of the street team are responsible for 809 enterprises in the jurisdiction respectively, and implement the "four ups" enterprises The "one-to-one" service urges enterprises to grasp epidemic prevention on one hand and resume work on the other. Up to now, Zhang Cha has accumulated more than 10,000 reinstatement enterprises, of which the "four up" enterprises have a resumption rate of 100% and a return rate of more than 90%.

Business Transformation

Knitting enterprises start full-scale cross-border production

Affected by the epidemic, global market demand is weak. The first quarter was originally the peak season for the knitting industry, but this year it is facing a sharp contraction in orders. But in Zhangcha, a famous knitting town in China, companies here are not willing to sit still.

Anthony Knitting is the largest R & D supplier of mercerized cotton T-shirts in China. It is also a leading enterprise in the Zhangcha knitting industry. It has a complete industrial chain of yarn, woven fabrics, collars, embroidery, dyeing and finishing, and clothing. On January 30, the company's chairman Liu Bisheng received a call from the government of Chancheng District, hoping that it would rush to produce 50,000 pieces of protective clothing and send it to Hubei to support epidemic resistance. "The epidemic is not waiting for people. We urgently call some production capacity and immediately arrange more than 60 staff to rush back to the factory to work overtime."

From ordinary knitting, cross-border to complex and high-quality protective clothing and isolation clothing, this has never been a problem for Anthony. After 3 days of research and countless tests, we finally produced qualified products. Starting from January 31, the company started the mass production mode of epidemic prevention materials, achieving a daily output of 1,000 pieces of protective clothing and 3000 pieces of isolation clothing.

"Thanks to the government's trust and guidance, so that we can participate in the research and development and production of epidemic prevention materials." After completing the production of protective clothing, Liu Bisheng put into the production of masks non-stop.

For Liu Bisheng, this crossover is almost from scratch. But he faced the difficulties and launched all his friends. After many twists and turns, he finally found a supply channel for mask production equipment. At this time, a mask production line has risen from the original one hundred thousand yuan to more than one million yuan, the production of masks also need to build a new clean room.

"We bought three mask production lines in a single bite to meet the needs of the government and society." Liu Bisheng said that from the end of February, the mask production line began to be officially put into production, with a daily output of more than 100,000. Currently, protective materials have accounted for the company Half of business.

Not far from the knitted apparel manufacturer, in the industrial park, the workshop machine of HALO Co., Ltd. roared. The automatic warp knitting machine that originally produced ropes for well-known apparel brand manufacturers such as Adidas and Li Ning is running at full speed. Mask ropes for mask production.

HALO Knitting Company has developed for many years. Although it is not large in scale, it has always focused on R & D and innovation. It is the first high-tech enterprise in this segment. This time through technological transformation to support the production of masks, it is quite a "dimensionality reduction strike."

"Traditional conventional mask rope production equipment, a machine can produce up to 8 rope belts at the same time, and our equipment production capacity is more than ten times the original." Wang Yantao introduced, after the company's innovative transformation and upgrade of the warp knitting machine, the highest possible A machine can produce 120 ropes, and can produce 400,000 meters of mask ropes per day, which can meet the production of 1 million masks.

While Wang Yantao's workshop machine was running at high speed, his friend, Wang Zhonghong, who also worked in the knitting business in Zhangcha for many years, also shifted from producing clothing trademark logos to making medical protective clothing sealing tapes. "Although we are a small business, we also hope to contribute our meager contribution."

In the upstream and downstream of Chancheng's knitting industry chain, many companies have actively used their manufacturing advantages, transboundary production and anti-epidemic, and strive to explore the path of self-help breakthrough in the knitting industry.

Turning crisis into opportunity

Technological innovation to seize the new blue ocean of "epidemic disease"

The epidemic "black swan" is dangerous and organic. In Zhangcha, at the same time as some enterprises converted anti-epidemic materials through cross-border production, many enterprises saw the new market demand spurred by the epidemic.

After the outbreak, in response to people's demand for health and hygiene products, antibacterial fabrics suddenly became popular in the apparel industry, and related orders increased by 50%, becoming the "fraggar" for major apparel brands.

As an enterprise specializing in R & D and production of apparel fabrics, suppliers of large apparel brands such as Anta, Li Ning and Skechers. In response to the epidemic, Foshan Knitting Co., Ltd. and a listed company began planning to develop antibacterial and antiviral fabrics. Japan successfully developed quaternary ammonium body additives, and developed quaternary ammonium antibacterial and antiviral fabrics at the end of February.

"The quaternary ammonium salt itself has antibacterial function. We further upgrade on this basis to achieve the antibacterial and antiviral function." Jin Yong, general manager of Wei Cai Textile, said that the use of quaternary ammonium body to develop antiviral fabrics is the first in the industry. According to the detection of Guangdong Microbiological Analysis and Testing Center, the antiviral activity rate of quaternary ammonium fabrics reached 99.92%.

For quaternary ammonium anti-viral fabrics, knitting manufacturers have already produced 3,000 short-sleeved T-shirts, and invited professional designers to fashion design the garments, which are expected to be sold on major live broadcast platforms in the near future.

With the promotion of new products in the market, Jin Yong began to restore confidence in this year's operation. Affected by the epidemic, 70% of the company's orders were cancelled in February, with a loss of nearly 5 million yuan. After the domestic epidemic situation was brought under control in mid-to-late March, orders began to pick up gradually, especially the growth momentum of e-commerce.

"This year's turnover is expected to be the same as last year, and there will not be a sharp decline. If the turnover in the first half of the year can be stabilized, coupled with the recovery in the second half of the year, it will still increase steadily." Jin Yong said.

Aiming at the sudden increase in sterilization and disinfection demand stimulated by the epidemic situation, Zhang Cha's lighting companies also became popular outside the epidemic.

"If it wasn't for the epidemic, we might have another two, three, or even longer time before it broke out." Although the epidemic hasn't subsided, Wu Xi, chairman of "Casio", seems to have seen the spring of the industry.

The National Health Commission and other authoritative departments have determined that the new coronavirus is sensitive to ultraviolet light. Suddenly, the ultraviolet lamp suddenly became the “artifact” of epidemic prevention and anti-virus products that hospitals, hotels, and schools scrambled to buy. Caseio also received urgent orders from all over the country. This is something that Wu Qian, who has been deeply involved in the lighting industry in Foshan for more than 20 years, has not seen.

At present, Casio has successfully developed optical health products that combine antivirus, lighting and intelligent control functions. "Through intelligent control, it is possible to achieve free space-point adjustment, avoid direct UV damage to the human body, and at the same time simulate the spectrum of sunlight, increase infrared radiation, which can help improve human immunity." Liang Ming, manager of the research and development department of Kasio said .

As a domestic leader in ultraviolet LED packaging, Guoxing Optoelectronics has received many orders for products related to the epidemic since the outbreak, including ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization packaging device products, and display modules of the component business department. It has been a well-known domestic electrical appliance manufacturer to support Wuhan epidemic prevention. An important part of the controlled air purifier. In addition, the light-emitting diode products produced by the CHIPLED business unit are used to produce non-contact infrared thermal imaging temperature detection equipment, ventilator equipment, etc.

Guoxing Optoelectronics said that the company has cooperated with many large household electrical appliance companies in the active development and trial production stage of sterilization and disinfection projects, and sterilization kits, sterilization boxes, sterilization pens and other portable disinfection products have been shipped in batches.

Turn crisis into opportunity and take the initiative. In the new blue ocean spawned by "outbreaks", a number of Zhangcha companies are bucking the trend and becoming industry players.

Government assistance

The streets are good "three members" to help enterprises resume work smoothly

Since the beginning of the resumption of work on February 10, Zhangcha Street has applied the grid management method to his work. On the one hand, a special group for "Warm Spring" work was established, and a liaison system for key enterprises was established. 22 street team members were respectively responsible for 809 enterprises in the jurisdiction; on the other hand, a 92-person enterprise contact group was formed to deal with "four ups". Enterprises implement one-to-one services, uniformly guide the standards for resumption of work, follow up different companies by category, help enterprises raise anti-epidemic materials, implement supporting policies such as "Zen Liu", and instructors, propagandists, and waiters "three members" in one, urge enterprises to grasp Epidemic prevention and resumption of work with one hand.

"After understanding the demand for resumption of production and the production capacity of the company, the government assistance group has targeted issues for enterprises to prevent and control materials, upstream and downstream industrial chains, and children ’s children ’s studies during the resumption of production, and understands the expansion of the company ’s land for production. Demand, guide enterprises to adjust production in a timely manner, enhance their confidence in development, and help enterprises turn crises into opportunities. "Said Sun Jinguo, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and office director of Zhangcha Street in Chancheng District.

In terms of raising anti-epidemic materials, Sun Jinguo revealed that as early as the Spring Festival, the streets proactively purchased 200,000 masks to store sufficient "ammunition" for the subsequent epidemic prevention, helping enterprises to survive the most difficult period of "one cover is hard to find" Difficult.

The government runs more errands, and companies run less. In a special period, Zhang Cha actively improves the level of government services and creates a better business environment for enterprises. At present, Zhangcha has launched the "Zhangcha Investment Promotion" applet to provide enterprises with information such as epidemic prevention and control, industrial investment, and corporate style. It also provides functions such as enterprise release dynamics, product promotion, and recruitment information to achieve mutual benefit for government and enterprises.

Zhang Cha also used the "talent station" mini-program to open online job fairs to achieve online job search for a large number of talents, face-to-face mass talents, and provide a platform for companies and talents to recruit and communicate free of charge, helping the company resolve difficulties in recruitment and employment.

The administrative service center (Wisdom New Town Hall) of Chancheng District in Zhangcha carries out all online reservations, and enterprises can handle 90% of the legal person business without leaving the house; Zhangcha Propaganda and Sports Bureau and the city publicity support working group and media units produce " "Illustration of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production", systematically introduces the spirit of superiors, epidemic situation, laws and policies, and transmits positive energy for epidemic prevention and control.

"There is a company that produces treadmill treadmills. During the epidemic, people were at home, sports increased, and orders from companies also increased. However, power supply was insufficient during production, and they often tripped." Sun Jinguo said, after visiting to understand the needs of the company, Zhang Cha immediately docked with the power supply bureau, and helped the company solve the problem the next day, winning praise from the company. In addition, Zhangcha also cooperated with Foshan Rural Commercial Bank to launch targeted financial products to help enterprises overcome financing difficulties with sufficient funds. At present, it has benefited more than 200 enterprises.

■ Focus on the front line

Villages provide intimate services for knitting companies

In one of the epidemic prevention checkpoints in Dacha Village of Zhangcha, publicity materials, thermometers, disinfecting water and other materials are neatly placed. The duty personnel are conducting temperature tests on the people entering and leaving, and registering external personnel and vehicles in detail. The whole process is orderly Orderly.

In order to better cope with the wave of corporate resumption of work, many villages in Zhangcha Street have innovated working methods according to the actual situation of the village, through grid subdivision grid management, village-enterprise linkage, and intimate service, to do a good job in the prevention of corporate resumption of production. Needles, "strong heart needles" and "health care needles", while strictly grasping the prevention and control of epidemic situation, do a good job in resumption of production and resumption of production.

Closed management of the park solves the problem of personnel management and control

As usual, Lu Xiuxing, secretary of the party branch of Guzao Village in Zhangcha Street, returned to the office early to start to understand the situation of each monitoring point and the new progress of the company's resumption of production and production. According to the situation of the previous day, it arranged personnel to inspect key enterprises.

Guzao Village is a village close to the center within the jurisdiction of Zhangcha Street. The immigrant population is nearly 20,000. There are many enterprise factories, shops and rental houses in the village. There are more than 1,300 rental houses alone. In the recent period, Lu Xiuxing has gone into the front line every day, worked with front-line personnel to do epidemic prevention and control work, and actively assisted enterprises to resume production.

Lu Xiuxing introduced that some time ago, masks and other materials for epidemic prevention and control were tight, and many companies who wanted to resume work hoped that the village committee could help solve them. "Village committee members have thought of many ways together, such as obtaining masks through the streets and neighboring villages, and buying masks in place first. Some companies report that masks are expensive and we sell them at the purchase price."

In Zhangcha, many villages thought of many ways to solve the shortage of epidemic prevention materials. "The government requires that every reinstatement enterprise need to prepare materials such as temperature guns, masks, disinfection water, and set up isolation rooms, but the materials were tight at that time. In order to save resources and help enterprises reinstate as soon as possible, we adopted a closed type for industrial parks. Management, arrange personnel to carry out unified body temperature detection at the entrance and exit, reducing the number of temperature guns used; for enterprises that cannot buy masks, the village committee uses its own resources to help enterprises focus on purchasing and selling at a cost price. "Dafu Village Party Committee Secretary Tan Qixi said that the industrial park also set up isolation rooms uniformly, arranging personnel for special management, and reducing the burden on enterprises from subtleties.

Zhangcha Village also implements closed management of the park, effectively solving the problems of personnel management and control brought about by the resumption of factory and enterprise production. "We carried out a thorough investigation on the situation of the enterprises in the park, and focused our supervision on the investigation and control of key personnel in the enterprises in the jurisdiction. The closed management of the park makes the resumption of work forward, which is conducive to the resumption of epidemic prevention." Chen Chengzhu, deputy director of the village committee of Zhangcha Village .

Chen Chengzhu introduced that in terms of the management measures for returning to work, Zhangcha Village formulated the Zhangcha Lianfa Industrial Zone Enterprise Employee Access Card and the Temporary Vehicle Access Card, which were issued to the employees of each reinstatement company to understand in time The health status of employees, and require employees entering the enterprise to wear masks and perform temperature testing, as well as daily ventilation, office area disinfection and hygiene management. "The access card records the employee's name, ID card number, body temperature on the day and the company where it is located in detail, so as to make the company's resumption of production and production more at ease through management."

Implementation of grid management in the division of the village

In order to better manage the returnees, Zhangcha Village set up a village enterprise resumption leadership team, and divided the industrial parks and factories in the village into 4 areas, and mobilized the village team leader, property management personnel, and fire safety personnel in the jurisdiction. Work with the production team leader to implement grid management of each area, and implement the responsibility for the resumption of production and management of the area to individuals, and realize the dedicated and full-time work of the resumption of production and management of factories and enterprises in the jurisdiction.

"At the beginning of the resumption of work, members of the resumption leadership team sent enterprise resumption guidance information to the owners of various factories, instructing enterprises to do related work according to the standard of" four requirements and eight unifications. "Chen Chengzhu said, The members of the village committee often go to the enterprise to inspect, understand the difficulties encountered by the enterprise, and try their best to coordinate.

At present, there are more than 400 enterprises registered in Zhangcha Village, of which 90% are reinstatement enterprises, mainly in the two major manufacturers of knitting and clothing. "In the future, we will continue to coordinate the company's work to resume production." Chen Chengzhu said.

In Dafu Village, in addition to the closed management of the park, the small-scale places are managed in a mobile manner. "The production team leader and flow control personnel are one for every two