Quickly return these sweaters and cashmere sweaters may affect reproductive and fertility

Quickly return these sweaters and cashmere sweaters may affect reproductive and fertility

Warm and stylish wool and cashmere sweaters are popular products in winter, but some businesses use faux wool fibers to fool consumers. The Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission recently purchased 51 items of wool and cashmere sweaters that claim to be 100% material from different channels as ordinary consumers. According to relevant national standards, the product instructions, fiber composition and content, health and safety performance , Durability performance and other comparative tests.

The Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission purchased a total of 26 sweaters and 25 cashmere sweaters; 21 were purchased from e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, Vipshop, Mushroom Street, Pinduoduo, Xiaohongshu, and 14 were purchased from shopping malls, Brand stores, 10 pieces are collected from live video platforms and WeChat, and 6 pieces are collected from fashion stores. Cardigan prices range from 79 yuan to 2199 yuan, and cashmere sweater prices range from 129.28 yuan to 2593 yuan.

This comparison test is based on relevant national standards and involves many indicators such as formaldehyde content, color fastness to washing, color fastness to dry cleaning, dichloromethane-soluble substances, alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether (APEO), and pilling. From the comparison test results, 17 of the 51 samples had problems with the fiber content not in line with the claims, dichloromethane soluble substances or high alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether (APEO), obvious pilling and other problems.

Among them, the health and safety hazards of some products need attention. Such products contain detergents, finishing agents or alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether (APEO) exceeding the standard.

The Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee explained that the production process of wool and cashmere products often adds detergents, finishing agents and other auxiliary agents to remove impurities and grease in the raw materials and smooth the fabric. Dichloromethane can be used as an extraction solvent to test these. The content of the substance. Wool and cashmere sweaters with too high a dichloromethane soluble substance will cause the product to smell and feel greasy. According to relevant standard tests, 41 of the 51 products purchased met the requirements of first-class products, 1 sample met the requirements of first-class products, 6 samples met the requirements of second-class products, and 3 samples had a dichloromethane soluble content exceeding 2.5. %, Exceeding the standard minimum requirements.

Alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether (APEO) is often used in the printing and dyeing and cleaning processes in the textile industry. It has an estrogen-like effect. Once it enters the organism, it will interfere with the normal physiological function of endocrine and affect the reproduction and development of the organism. The alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether (APEO) is not included in the routine textile testing items, but China has made a limit requirement on the alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether (APEO) in the relevant standards, of which NP + OP≤100 mg / kg , NPEO + OPEO≤1000mg / kg. The test results showed that 6 samples exceeded the limit, and the highest one exceeded NPEO + OPEO by more than 7 times, and was purchased from the Julu Clothing Store (ENJOY.U) in Huangpu District, Shanghai.

Among them, after confirming the results with the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission, the Pinduoduo and Xiaohongshu platforms have removed the products of the relevant distributors.

In terms of fiber composition and content indicators, 7 samples were found to be inconsistent with their claims. Among them, the proportion of the small fashion shops with problems was high, and the two samples with the lowest prices did not contain wool or cashmere ingredients.

Among them, the two samples purchased from Mushroom Street and Douyin are called "100% wool" or "pure cashmere" in the promotion, but after testing, they do not actually contain wool or cashmere ingredients. Of the 7 samples purchased from fashion stores, 4 have measured fiber composition and content that are inconsistent with their claims.

In terms of durability, there are 4 samples with obvious pilling, including the original brand of net red Zhao Daxi. The Shanghai Municipal Consumer Protection Commission pointed out that pilling of sweaters not only affects the appearance, but also reduces the service life and wearing comfort. It has always been one of the problems of consumer complaints. Generally, the fuzzing and pilling of wool and cashmere sweaters are related to raw materials and yarn technology. If the fineness of low-grade raw materials is not uniform, it is easy to pilling. The ingot weave method is easier to fluff and pilling than flat needles. According to the requirements of relevant standards, the pilling rating requirements are divided into one to five levels, with five being the best. The test results showed that after 2000 frictions, 5 samples only had a slight pilling and performed well; 42 samples showed a partial pilling situation, and the performance was average; another 4 samples obviously pilled and performed poorly. The results also found that these four samples are all wool products, the price is relatively low.

The comparison test also found that the proportion of samples with problems in fashion stores and video live broadcast platforms is relatively high. The wool and cashmere sweaters sold by various fashion shops are trendy and fashionable, and are favored by many consumers, but the problem of no factory name is relatively concentrated. Among the samples of this comparison test, there are 12 samples without a factory name, 5 of which were purchased from fashion stores, 4 were purchased from live video platforms and WeChat, and 3 were purchased from online stores.

According to the results of this comparative test, the Consumer Council of Shanghai issued a consumer reminder suggesting that consumers should choose regular brands sold through regular sales channels, not to be greedy for cheap, and to buy clothing that is much cheaper than similar products. Consumers are advised to prefer products sold in large shopping malls or specialty stores. When buying online, try to choose products produced by well-known enterprises and sold in flagship stores of large e-commerce platforms. The quality is relatively guaranteed.

When buying, pay attention to distinguish wool, cashmere, and chemical fiber products, which can be tested by burning: the burnt smell of hair after burning and the ash is crushed by hand. The smell is wool and cashmere; the smell is bad, and the ash is agglomerated It is chemical fiber products that cannot be crushed.