Morocco Encourage Nationwide knitting factories to produce masks

Morocco obliges to wear masks when going out Encourage Nationwide knitting factories to produce masks

  The Moroccan government said that Morocco will start to force all people who are allowed to go out during the epidemic to wear masks from the 7th local time.

It is reported that these masks will be sold at a subsidy price of 0.8 Moroccan dirhams each. The Moroccan government said in a statement on the 6th that those who do not comply with the regulations will face up to three months in prison and a fine of up to 1300 Moroccan dirhams.

Morocco ’s Ministry of Industry spokesman Taoufiq Moucharraf said the country plans to increase the daily output of knitting factory masks from the current 3.3 million to nearly 6 million.

He said that knitting factories across the country have been encouraged to produce masks.

According to reports, in response to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, Morocco implemented a month-long blockade. As of 6th local time, Morocco has confirmed 1,120 cases of new coronary infections, of which 80 people died.