Many Knitting factory in Myanmar are on the verge of suspending production

International Online Report (Reporter Gao Jiayi): Recently, the logistics was affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and more than 400 textile companies in Myanmar faced the problem of insufficient raw material supply. 27 companies were on the verge of shutdown and closed down. On the evening of March 17, local time, 15 Tons of textile raw materials arrived in Yangon, Myanmar from chartered flights in Guangzhou, China, alleviating the urgent needs of Myanmar enterprises.

Since March, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the supply chain of raw materials from China has been interrupted, and Myanmar's textile industry has been hit hard. More than 400 textile companies cannot get enough raw materials and are forced to reduce production capacity. Ms. Qin Nuan said that 27 companies are on the verge of bankruptcy: "At present, the biggest problem encountered by Myanmar's textile companies is the shortage of raw materials. There are 27 companies that have serious problems. Some companies have stopped working and some are applying for bankruptcy. Now At least 10,000 workers have been affected. "

In order to open up the raw material supply chain, under the guidance and coordination of the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar, the Myanmar Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized 15 tons of textile raw materials and arrived in Yangon on March 17 through the chartered flight of Jiuyuan Airlines. Qin Qinrong said that these raw materials will bring hope to the workers: "These raw materials will be supplied to 11 textile companies, and 14,000 workers will benefit from this. This is very important. Morale will be encouraged and these workers will no longer have to worry about unemployment. "

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in late January, Myanmar ’s entire country has expressed its support for China in different ways. Now Myanmar ’s textile companies are experiencing difficulties, and China has reached out to help for the first time. According to Tan Shufu, Business Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar, This is a manifestation of the watchfulness of the China-Myanmar Community of Destiny to help each other: "When the Chinese epidemic was tense some time ago, the Myanmar government and all walks of life provided China with all kinds of support, donating anti-epidemic materials, and donating donations. We are very grateful and very grateful. Touched. Now that companies in Myanmar are facing difficulties in raw material shortage, China has also actively adopted various measures to give priority to ensuring Myanmar's supply in this regard, which also reflects the common battle between China and Myanmar and the joint fight against the epidemic, which is the fate of China and Myanmar. The community is a good witness and portrayal. "